Principles and Challenges of Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Containment

When:  Mar 16, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  Calgary Section

Geomechanics Series:
Principles and Challenges of Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Containment

Date: Tuesday March 16th, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Mehrdad Soltanzadeh, 
PetroGem Inc., Calgary, Canada
Location: Webinar
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Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MST
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Injection of CO2 can compromise the sealing characteristics of the caprock and, hence, the containment of the stored fluid. Several of the attributes leading to this issue are related to the mechanical response of the rock to the low temperature and high pressure of the injected fluid.

This talk explores the principles of geomechanical assessment of caprock integrity through reviewing a variety of CO2 sequestration studies in Canada. These studies range from site selection for sequestrating in deep aquifers to its storage in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery. This presentation reviews different rock mechanical responses including stress change, deformation, and failure mechanisms to pore pressure and temperature change. It will also discuss application of probabilistic and statistical analyses for considering the influence of uncertainty in geomechanical properties and modeling.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Mehrdad Soltanzadeh is a geomechanics expert with over two decades of industrial and academic experience in application of geomechanics in different areas such as reservoir geomechanics, geological storage, integrated subsurface characterization and geotechnical engineering. His recent research works are focused on optimizing production in unconventional plays, progressive aseismic failure and risk analysis of rockfalls. Mehrdad is the director of PetroGem Inc., that provides consulting, training, and software solutions for the oil & gas industry. He holds multiple degrees in civil, geotechnical and geological engineering and he is a professional engineer with APEGA and EGBC.

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