The Role of Innovation in Navigating the Challenges and Finding Opportunities in Oil Sands

When:  Dec 13, 2016 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  Calgary Section

Projects, Facilities & Construction Technical Luncheon:
The Role of Innovation in Navigating the Challenges and Finding Opportunities in Oil Sands

Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2016
Speaker: Cal Broder

Calgary Petroleum Club
Time: 11:30 - 1:00 pm
Cost: $45 SPE Members, $55 Non-members, $15 Students


Innovation is increasingly being regarded as the foundation needed for non-renewable energy development, and even perhaps its future existence.  Alberta has a very unique crude oil; it’s a solid at room temperature in its native form. Industry has chosen to make it a liquid to conform to what a crude oil is thought to be – a liquid!

But by returning it to its native form; 1) we extract the diluent, 2) package it as a solid, 3) transport it to global markets in Dot-111’s or 20’ Shipping Container’s.  Alberta’s Bitumen is the world’s safest crude oil, together we need to do a better job promoting it – as a solid.

A new refining process made economic by its module design. The opportunity to export Alberta’s heavy oil to world markets, create value added products, and most importantly put people back to work!

Speaker Bio:

An innovator with a passion for seeking different ways of addressing challenging opportunities; with a keen interest in sustaining and diversifying Alberta's natural resource economy. 

Cal Broder was trained as an accountant, to understand and appreciate the importance of strong financial modeling.

As an innovator and risk taker, which is understandably an oxymoron for an accountant. Cal began his current career incarnation seeking solutions for some of the challenges and opportunities in the Oilsands.  Having spent the last ten years focused on Viscosities impact on Alberta's Heavy Oil.

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