Past Presentations

November 2018:

Data Analytics Luncheon: Nov 13th - How to Accurately Predict Operating Lifetime of Wells by Nick Shelton, P.ENG, PMP, JMP Systems Engineer at SAS Institute Inc

May 2018 Breakfast Series:
Analytics Breakfast Series: May 31 - Machine Learning: Practical Examples in Upstream Oil & Gas by Tyler Schlosser, Chief Data Scientist at Verdazo
Analytics Breakfast Series: May 17 - Visualizations in the Analysis Workflow by Thomas Speidel, Data Scientist at Suncor Energy
Analytics Breakfast Series: May 10 - Using Data to Define Models by Jerry Jensen, Professor at the University of Calgary

March 2018:
Heavy Oil SIG Luncheon: 31 Ways THAI is Superior to SAGD by Dr. Conrad Ayasse
Breakfast Series: The Future of Hydrocarbon Management, 3esi - Enersight and GLJ - Speakers: Michael Morgan, Director of Analytics for GLJ; Wayne Sim, CEO of 3esi-Enersight
Distinguished Lecturer: Minimizing Environmental and Safety Risks to Sustain Resource Recovery - A Case Study by Marina Voskanian, California State Lands Commission

February 2018:

Breakfast Series: AER - Integrated Decision Approach by Mark Taylor, EVP Operations
SIG Luncheon: Does Flowing Pressure Matter? Speaker: Dylan Lougheed, IHS Markit

January 2018
Breakfast Series: Encana's Transformation: Powerful Leadership, Pragmatism & Pollinatio
SIG Luncheon: Meeting the Methane Challenge Speakers: Kevin Heal, B. Comm and Brian Sloof, B. Sc., P. Eng

November, 2017 
Breakfast Series: Geomechanical Characterization Lecture Series: Stress Characterization- Patrick M. Collins
Breakfast Series: Geomechanical Characterization Lecture Series: Borehole Image Log Interpretation for Geomechanical Applications - Kris Vickerman

June, 2017 
General Interest: Orphan Well Association: Dealing with Oil and Gas Orphans in Alberta - Patricia Payne 
REPO: Comparison of Numerical vs Analytical Models for EUR Calculation and Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs - Dr. Jim Erdle
Women of SPE:  
Women In Technical Careers & Work Life Balance - Teresa Pena-Bastidas

May, 2017 
Women of SPE: Awareness and Mentoring - Dr. Josephine Mary Hill
Breakfast Series: How to Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Stage Unconventional Fracture Design - Bob F Shelley
Technology in the Permian: Microseismic-based Reservoir Simulation Helps Determine Wellbore Spacing - Carl W. Neuhaus
Intersociety SPE/ICOTA: Coiled Tubing Extended Reach - Silviu Livescu

April, 2017 
Breakfast Series: Peer Reviews and Stage Gates - Bob Pearson
Business Breakfast Series: 
Forecasting is Hard - Tyler Schlosser
PFC: Rapid Chemical Analysis for Control Measurements - Ken Schmidt

March, 2017 
Back to Basics: How Much Can We Export? National Energy Board Resource Assessments - Mike Johnson
Breakfast Series:  
Fundamentals & Hedging - Melissa Schuster

February, 2017
Back to Basics: How to Market Your Strongest Asset - You, Today and Throughout Your Career - Rahul Pandey
REPO: Overview of SPE SPEE Monograph 4 - Mike Verney

January, 2017 
PFC: Decision Support For Optimizing Unconventional Early Asset Development Planning - Kevin Seel
Geomechanics: Unconventional Resource Development and Induced Seismicity in Western Canada - David Eaton
Business Breakfast: When Every Dime Counts! - David W. Maffitt

December, 2016
REPO: Statistical Approach to Forecasting Gas-Oil Ratios and Solution Gas Production for Shale Oil Reservoirs - W. John Lee

November, 2016
REPO: Downhole Flow Conditioning to Improve Well Production Economics - Jeff Saponja

October, 2016
DL: Fooled By Randomness, Improving Decision Making with Limited Data - Jim Gouveia
PFC: Western Canadian Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and NGL Business in a Low Price World - Gerry Goobie

June, 2016
REPO: Analysis of Short-term and Long-tern Production Data from Low-Permeability Black Oil/Gas Condensate Reservoirs Using Analytical Methods - C.R. Clarkson

May, 2016 
Breakfast: Innovations in Production Prediction, Completions, and Well Spacing Decisions - Doris Ross

April, 2016 
HOHW: Hope for Oil Sands - Novel In-Situ Recover Methods - Tom Harding
Breakfast Series: Demystifying Geophysics - David Grey
Business Breakfast: Introduction to Western Canadian Mines and Minerals Ownership - Michelle Radomski
Breakfast: A Critical Point: Geophysics, Economics, and Resource Plays - Lee Hunt

March, 2016 
Back to Basics: Petrochemicals - Michel Berghmans
Breakfast: Type Curves 101- Chad Lemke 
REPO: Hollow-Glass Spheres Application in Drilling Fluids: Case Study - B. Friess, F.Shirkavand, B. Hucik, F. Angyal, S. Servinski, T. Pena-Bastidas, A. Minhas, B. Ross
Business Breakfast: NI 51-101 and Reserves Classifications - Andrew Dabisza
Business Breakfast: Valuation of Oil and Gas Assets - Understanding Future Cash Flows - Miles Hughes
HOHW: Oil Respect - Standing Up for Canada's Oil and Gas Industry - Mark Scholz
Business Breakfast: Crude Oil Marketing - David Maffitt

February, 2016 
Breakfast: Effectiveness of Isolation Using Solid Body Packers to Dramatically Affect Ultimate Recoveries - Dan Themig
SPE-CSPG: Using Continuous Real-Time Compositional Gas Data for Horizontal Drilling and Detection of Natural Gas Liquids - Bill Nagel

January, 2016 
Breakfast: Applied Reservoir Engineering Series, Part 2, Geomodelling - Thomas Jerome
ICOTA/SPE: Coiled Tubing in a Major Downturn: Challenges and Solutions - Silviu Livescu
Geomechanics: Fluid Displacements and EOR Mechanisms - Rob Lavoie
DL: LNG Basics for Petroleum Engineers - Michael Choi
Breakfast: Evaluation of Shale Reserves and Resources in US Acquisitions - Dwayne Purvis and Dr. Curtis Whitson
YP: Refracturing: Candidate Selections & Potential Solutions - Tim Stephenson & Dawn Nagazina

December, 2015 
REPO: Understanding Type Curve Complexities & Analytic Techniques- Bertrand Groulx

May, 2015
AGM Keynote: The Encana Story: Repositioning for Success - Brendan McCracken

April, 2015
HOHW TT+: Extraction of Bitumen from Grosmont by Injecting Steam: Experience and Open Questions - Daniel Yang & Jose Alvarez
HOHW TT+: Shell Grosmont De-Risking - Hong Yang 
REPO: The Value and the Danger of Complex Reservoir Simulations - Daniel Yang
BtoB: Risk Based Well Integrity Management Emmanuel Giry 
HOHW: In Situ Upgrading, an Alternative Solution to the Inefficient Combination of SAGD and Dilution - Prof. Pedro Pereira-Almao 

March, 2015  
PE: Reporting the "Whole Enchilada" - Going Beyond Reserves - John Etherington
YP Luncheon: Type Well Curve Process - Geoff Beatson
HOHW Talk: ICD Use in SAGD... An Overview - Harris Naseer
Back to Basics: All You Need is Darcy's Equation for EOR Success of Failure - Dr. S.M. Farouq Ali
International Business Development: Mexico's Opening - Opportunities and Challenges - Steve Trammel 

February, 2015
PF&C: Solutions Powering Industry: Genalta Power - Paul Miller
Inter-Society:Trials & Tribulations of Developing Geomechanical Models - Patrick M. Collins, P.Eng
Trials & Tribulations of Developing Geomechanical Models - Amy Fox, PhD

January, 2015
IBD - Oil Price Plunge - Global Regime Analysis - Pual Douglas 
HOHW - SAGD & CSS In Situ Facilities - Measurement Design and Operations - Bill Cheung
PF&C - Common Reasons for Project Failure - Roberto Rodriguez

December, 2014
Inter-Society - Preparing for LNG: A Montney Gas Field Optimization Workflow - Richard Holst 
Back to Basics -
Hydraulic Fracturing and Energized Fluids - Murray Reynolds 
YP Luncheon - The Shift in World Oil Dynamics (OPEC vs. "New" Producers) - Ian Van Staalduinen

November, 2014
Distinguished Lecturer - LNG - A Time of Change - John Morgan 
YP Luncheon - Geology for Non-Geologists - A Virtual Geology Trip - Jon Noad 
PF&C - Water Management Challenges Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing - Roberta Wasylishen 
REPO - Optimizing Fracture Fluid Selection - Murray Reynolds 

October, 2014 

Heavy Oil & Horizontal Wells - Considerations for the Addition of NCGs to Steam in the SAGD Process - Dr. Harding 
Inter-Society with CSEG - Seismic-Driven Inter-Well Geomechanical Properties for Oil Sands and Shales - David Gray
PF&C - SolTech Engineering Cavern Solutions SPE Presentation - Ian Squires 

September, 2014
Tech Talk+ on MIC - An Overview of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Oil Transmission Pipelines - Dr. Y. Frank Cheng
Petroleum Economics - The Maximization of the Net Present Value of In-Situ Oil Sands - Craig T. Frenette 
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - Sproule's Cardium Type Cruve Process, Geoffrey W. Beatson

May, 2014 

Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - Development Planning Workflow, Chad Holowatuk
Back to Basics Tech Talk + - A Workflow to Assess Multi-Staged Horizontal Well Plays, Bob Bachman

April 2014
YP Technical Seminar - Multi-Staged Fractured Horizontal Wells Flow Regime Identification to Evaluations
Petroleum Economics SIG - Exports of LNG and LPG's Why Now?
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization SIG - The Ever Increasing Importance of Reservoir Geomechanics

March 2014
Projects, Facilities and Construction SIG - In Situ Pad Development
Back to Basics - Wealth Management Essentials for Oil and Gas Professionals

February 2014
Distinguished Lecturer -  Characterizing Shale Plays - The Importance of Recognizing What You Don't Know
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - The AER - An Unconventional Framework

January 2014
Heavy Oil and Horizontal Well SIG - The Plugging Mechanisms of Sand Control Media in Thermal Heavy Oil and Bitumen Recovery Operations
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - The Use of Data Mining in Well Test Interpretation

October 2013 
Inter-Society SIG - Considering the Full Production History of Five Key Resource Plays - What has History Taught Us?
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization -

Using real time automated optimization and diagnosis to manage an artificially lifted reservoir - A case study

June 2013 
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization -  Avoiding Pitfalls with Measurement Uncertainties in Production Optimization Outcomes

May 2013 
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - A Global Perspective for IOR and Primary in Unconventional Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs 
Petroleum Economics - The Status of the Current Oil & Natural Gas M&A Market

April 2013
Back to Basics - " Evaluating cement quality from bond logs and some of the latest challenges with cap rock integrity and SCVF's
Distinguished Lecturer - Non-conventional Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources

March 2013 
International Business Development - State Owned Enterprises (SOE's) in The Canadian Energy Industry

February 2013 
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - "IRP 24: Fracture Stimulation Interwellbore Communication"
"The Challenges of Pumping Horizontal Fractured Wells (Cardium, Bakken, etc.)"
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - " Production Performance Unique Type Curve for Horizontal, Multi-Stage Frac'd Gas Well: Why, How and When"
Back to Basics - "If Vertical Wells could Talk"

January 2013
Petroleum Economics - "Crude on Rail...Panacea or Purgatory...???"
Back to Basics - Oil and Gas Valuation Methods with a Focus on Monte Carlo Analysis Video

December 2012
Distinguished Lecturer - "Smart Water - Flooding in Carbonates and Sandstones: A New Chemical Understanding of the EOR-potential"  pdf to accompany this presentation here.
Distinguished Lecturer - "Smart Water - Flooding in Carbonates and Sandstones: A New Chemical Understanding of the EOR-potential"  pdf to accompany this presentation here.

November 2012 
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - "A Practical Guide to Unconventional Petroleum Evaluation"
Back to Basics - " Hydraulic Fracturing; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

October 2012
International Business Development -  "Accelerating the Pace of Environmental Performance Improvement"
Petroleum Economics- "Monte Carlo Approach to Exploration Portfolio Valuation"

September 2012
Back to Basics - Mechanistic Flow Modelling in Pipes
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - "Common Pitfalls of Mini-frac Analysis"

April 2012
Back to Basics - " Everything you always wanted to know about Pickett Plots"
Inter-Society - "Evaluating Resource Plays In Western Canada"

February 2012
International Business Development- " Risks Assumed in Drilling Contracts - Global Comparisons"
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - " Under-balanced well bore cleanout and production evaluation technology"
Back to Basics - "Waterless Fracturing Technology - Making the Most of Your Reservoir"

January 2012 
Petroleum Economics - "Renewables vs. Hydrocarbons - The Energy Reality"
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization- "Decoupling reservoir and completion effects in multi-stage fractured horizontal wells'
Heavy Oil & Horizontal Well - " Canadian Oil Sands: Canada's Energy Advantage"

November 2011
International Business Development - "North American Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids Markets"
Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization - " Technology and Intelligence: Converting Tight Resources into Reserves"

September 2011
Back to Basics -"NGL Extraction" Ed Wichert